Fingerprint the quality of your fruits and vegetables.
Worlds first automated multi species trace gas sensor !

In the MAX-FRESH project, we will develop the innovative ISS-Monitor: world’s first automated multi-species trace gas sensor that can simultaneously and in real-time detect low levels of 7 volatile gases that indicate ripening, fermentation, damage or rotting of stored fruit. Once unfavorable conditions are detected, the ISS-Monitor will provide automated alerts to enable timely and effective interventions by its customers. The ISS-Monitor has the potential to reduce losses of stored fresh food by 50%, extend storage life with 20%, and reduce post-harvest chemical treatments with 50%. 

Max-Fresh objectives

  • provide essential information to store fresh produce at the most optimal storage conditions. 
  • detection of anaerobic fermentation to optimize DCA storage 
  • early detection of rotting and decay to prevent waste and losses
  • sophisticated decision making model to safeguard quality.
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1st of July 2022
First industrial Max Fresh system ready for field experiments and tests .

1st of September 2022
Second prototype ready for field experiments and tests.

30th of September 2023

Official market launch of the Max Fresh system . Sales of the ISS-Monitor will generate cumulative revenues of €110 million for the MAX-FRESH consortium.